Assessing Well-being Digitally

BeingMe is the groundbreaking new app used to assess young peoples well-being. Find out how this easy-to-use digital assessment tool can help you and others.

About Us

BeingMe is an app that helps young people improve their well-being and resilience, This means we help you figure out the bits in your life that need to change to help you feel better and do well in the future. All the answers you give to the BeingMe app are secret and your data remains yours. (You can ask for it to be deleted at any time.) The app then summarises the answers you give and provides you with feedback on the areas of your home life, your community and your school where you may need some support.

Privacy and Data

BeingMe maintains all data within the UK and manages data in line with GDPR. We are signatories to the 5 Rights foundation. Ensuring that young people remain safe while they thrive. If you’d like to learn more about this you can also read our privacy policy.


BeingMe has been fully validated by Liverpool Hope University, this means we’ve tested the app with over 1000 young people to make sure it works. The assessment helps you identify which areas of your life you may need help with. If you’d like more information about the assessment and reports you can read about them on our assessment page at the APPA Well-being site.


BeingMe generates a report called a SHANNARI40® that you can view on your phone. This report scores you on lots of different parts of your life. This gives you a really detailed view into which things you are doing well at and which things you can improve. To learn more about the SHANNARI40® report and the other reports we generate, have a look at our assessment page on the APPA Well-being site.


BeingMe gives young people a voice. Using the app allows adults and people you trust to see areas you may need extra support, but you can complete the assessment on your phone, at home or at school, wherever you feel most comfortable.


BeingMe is designed to minimise adult intervention in the assessment process, definitions for difficult words and an accessibility mode for young people who struggle with reading means most young people can do the assessment independently. The app is also available on a wide variety of platforms.

Meet Alex

BeingMe’s friendly avatar

Alex is the friendly animated avatar who will help you through the BeingMe assessment. Alex will ask you questions about different areas of your life and prompt you to talk to an adult if there’s something you’re worried about. The answers to the questions will then be used to generate a report that will be shown to your teacher.

A talking avatar within the app helps young people to concentrate better on the assessment. It becomes an immersive exercise and the answers you give will be more accurate. This means you get a better general overview of your well-being.

More information about resilience

BeingMe is all about helping young people improve their resilience and well-being, but why is this important? Well-being is how you feel on a day-to-day basis. Resilience means you find it easier to cope with and overcome any problems you might have. Both of these things are really important for young people to succeed in life.

If you’d like to learn more about the importance of resilience and well-being then you can go to the APPA Scotland website or try one of the below links.

Need Help?

BeingMe can help young people to improve their health and well-being with targeted support, but if you need immediate help or are in danger, please speak to someone you trust as soon as possible. Clicking the button below will take you to the Childline website. Childline provides a 24/7 helpline you can ring whenever you need someone to talk to.


Once you have completed the assessment using BeingMe, several reports are generated, giving an overview of where you may need some extra support from your school or teachers. These reports can be viewed by you in the app or by your teachers or trusted adults using our online portal.

Get the app

BeingMe is available on IOS and Android phones or tablets. Or if you prefer you can access the WebApp in any web browser.

The BeingMe app is free to use for an individual user to view their own reports. If you’re a teacher or professional wanting to purchase a subscription to the app and online portal for your school please have a look at our products page.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Teachers and curriculum

The BeingMe app allows young people to view their own well-being reports. Teachers can purchase subscriptions for their schools, allowing them to register users, view their reports in greater detail and identify users who may need extra support. We also provide a PSHE curriculum designed to increase young people’s scores on the SHANNARI indicators. If you’d like to learn more about how BeingMe can benefit your school, please have a look at the APPA Well-being website.

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